About Punyya Heart Foundation

Punyya Heart Foundation arose from the efforts of Dr. Bimal Chhajer, a well-known health and lifestyle specialist who has spent the last three decades attempting to educate people about the causes of heart disease.

Dr. Chhajer has successfully treated over 500,000 cardiac patients over the past 35 years by educating them, training their families on how to prepare nutritious meals, and changing their habits. His broad knowledge has resulted in the development of a simple and effective training approach for preventing and reversing heart disease that applies to the general population.

THE MEANING OF THE WORD “PUNYYA” The meaning of the word “Punyya” is “accumulating goodwill by selfless service to humanity”. In Hindu mythology, one carries this goodwill to the next life. Also this “Service to Humanity” gives us contentment, and the blessing of the almighty andleads to a satisfied and fulfilled life.

Make Donations

A small amount donated by you can save the life of a patient. “Helping the needy makes you richer”.

Become a Volunteer

Create a difference in the life of a person by volunteering for Punyya, and we promise to contribute our best to make this world a healthy place.


Let’s save our earth from
CoronaThis is your opportunity to associate yourself with one of the fastest-growing non-profit organizations and grow your career with us by being a part of this change.

Our Impacts

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Our Mission

The right way to live as a human being, Just help to those people really need your help.

Beat Heart Disease

The first and foremost aim of the Punyya Heart Foundation is to prevent heart disease and heart attacks, across India and thereafter across the world. This will be done by some short-term projects and some long-term projects.

Create Happiness

Every one of us wants to be happy but ends up in unhappiness, despair, and sorrow. This mission is to educate people that our thoughts, not amenities are the main cause of happiness.

Plan for retirement and aging

The number of aged population is increasing in India and almost in every country in the world. Every one of us would become old, thus every individual after the age of 35 years needs to have a long-term plan for our future.

Our Latest Camps

Our work would not be possible without the work of our dedicated volunteers.